What Time Is It for God’s People Today?

We are living in uncertain, perilous times. There are pestilences, earthquakes, heaps of false teachers, abounding apostasy, fervor for a one world government and economy, global corporations and organizations that hate God’s laws and contribute massive amounts of money to anti-God causes, atheism, wars and rumors of wars, terrorism, modern Israel, preparations for the Third […]

Global Rebellion against God’s Law

Global Rebellion against God’s Law Last week we looked at what I believe to be the greatest sign of the soon return of Christ. I want to look at the global rebellion against God’s law, which is the result of turning away from God and His Word. We see this when we look at the […]

End Time Apostasy

Apostasy In The End Times I want to look at what I think is the main indication that we are really near the end of this age. I believe that Christ’s return to catch all true Christians out of this world is so close that we can hear the angels practicing on the trumpet, not […]