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What Is Your Final Authority?

As we live our lives we all have a final authority for the way we live them. For some the final authority is themselves. For some it is their church or religion. For some it is someone who is highly respected. For the true New Testament Baptist it is the Word of God, the Holy Scriptures. What we choose to make our authority determines the way we live our lives. Even though many Christians give lip service to the Bible being their final authority, few make it so. There may be a variety of reasons for this. I recently spoke

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Are LDS Prophets From God?

The Church of Jesus Christ of Later Day Saints claims to have a living prophet to guide them in knowing truth. They discount the Bible because this teaching, and other Mormon doctrines will not stand up to the test of Scripture. Article eight of the LDS Articles of Faith reads, “We believe the Bible as far as it is translated correctly …” You will notice that it does not question the underlying text. It only questions the translation. If they really believe this they could easily show the mistranslated parts and correct them. Joseph Smith said that he did this

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What Time Is It for God’s People Today?

We are living in uncertain, perilous times. There are pestilences, earthquakes, heaps of false teachers, abounding apostasy, fervor for a one world government and economy, global corporations and organizations that hate God’s laws and contribute massive amounts of money to anti-God causes, atheism, wars and rumors of wars, terrorism, modern Israel, preparations for the Third Temple. Are we seeing a fulfillment of prophecy? Absolutely, we are; but it is not the day of the Lord. It is the stage being set for the day of the Lord. God’s people are pilgrim people. We aren’t in darkness. We have the mind

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Does It Mean Something To Be A Baptist

I have been asked to do some follow-up articles on an article where I mentioned some shocking things I recently heard from Baptist pulpits. This will be the first of five articles dealing with the five subjects mentioned in that article: We shouldn’t make a big deal over being a Baptist We shouldn’t break fellowship over the mode of baptism Baptism by other denominations is OK as long as it is by immersion The King James Bible is just one of several good translations Fighting over doctrine is wrong As all of you who read my blog know, I am

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Political Issues of the Last Days

“If an individual is found who neither curses, swears, lies, commits adultery, murders, possesses himself of another’s goods, nor revenges himself on his enemies, they say he is a Waldensian, and deserves to be punished.”

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