Who Is God

Unraveling the Attributes of God

Unraveling the Attributes of God:

This is the firstĀ  post in a new series on the attributes of God. Today, we embark on a journey to explore the awe-inspiring attributes of God, a journey that promises to deepen our understanding and faith in the divine.

God’s attributes serve as a mirror, reflecting His greatness and uniqueness. They teach us that there is nothing in existence that can compare to Him. These attributes, while beyond our full comprehension, are crucial for us to understand to the best of our abilities.

In times past, people had a profound understanding of God’s attributes. This understanding fostered a deep reverence for Him, a fear of God that was not rooted in terror, but in respect. This respect, in turn, nurtured a stronger faith in Him, for we can only place our trust in a God we truly know.

The prophet Jeremiah, in chapter 9 verses 23 and 24, emphasizes the importance of understanding and knowing God. He encourages us to take pride not in our wisdom, might, or riches, but in our knowledge and understanding of God. This series aims to facilitate that understanding, to help you glory in the knowledge of God.

God is unparalleled in His essence. He is the Living God, the creator of all things, the one who stands above everything. There is no one and nothing like Him in the universe. He is omnipotent, omnipresent, and omniscient. His omnipotence is evident in the creation of the universe, His omnipresence in His ability to be everywhere at once, and His omniscience in His all-encompassing knowledge.

Remembering God’s past works, like the creation of the universe, can help us understand His omnipotence. The vast expanse of the universe speaks of His omnipresence, and the wisdom inherent in creation speaks of His omniscience. He knows the end from the beginning, and He knew before He created the Earth that we would be here today, embarking on this journey of understanding.

Understanding God’s attributes can change the world. If everyone truly knew who God was, it would transform everything. God even challenges other entities that people call gods to prove who they are. There is only one God with a capital G, and there are many gods with a lowercase g. But none of these can compare to the one true God.