A Palatable Gospel

Dr Pierre Coovert

I was reading the back of a book on controlling type two diabetes this morning and it said “God wants you to be healthy.” This got me to thinking about some of the things we do in soul-winning.

We tell people that “Jesus is the answer” without telling them to which question He is the answer. We even have a bumper sticker for this.

What do the lost think when we tell them that Jesus is the answer? They think that their marital problems, their financial difficulties, their health issues will all disappear as by magic.

We wonder why so many “converts” drop by the wayside shortly after their profession of faith. Why should they continue to trust a God that doesn’t keep His promises? Of course, God has never made the kind of promise we allow the lost to believe so we can “bring them to Christ.”

Suppose we told them what Paul said in 2 Timothy 3:12, would they so easily come make a profession of faith?If we told them what Paul suffered for his faith (2 Corinthians 11:23-27) would they be interested in the Gospel?

One of the sweetest and most faithful families I know has constant health problems. They try to live healthy lives even though it sometimes strains their finances, yet the health problems continue. Actually, their health problems are a background that shows their love for God and their faith. It is like showing diamonds on a black velvet cloth, it causes their faith to sparkle.

True conversion will only come when there is conviction of sin and an understanding of the fact that we stand guilty before a holy God. It takes godly sorrow for our sin and repentance toward God as well as faith in Christ (Act 20:21).
Salvation is about getting things right with God, not about receiving blessings. It is true that God does bless His children, but the blessing are not always the elimination of our problems. Most often the blessings are His being with us through the problems.

If you read Peter’s sermon on the day of Pentecost you will see that he didn’t promise the listeners blessings. He exposed their guilt before God. The message pricked their hearts and made them seek God’s mercy.

It is not our job to make the message palatable, it is our job to accurately show God’s holiness and man’s sinfulness so the Holy Spirit can bring true conviction of sin. This will cause godly sorrow and work repentance (2 Corinthians 7:9-10) which will result in salvation.

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