Abortion, Americas Greatest Crime

Dr Pierre Coovert

Monday I was at the March For Life in Washington DC with a group of fifty-one from our church. Those who had been there before said the crowd was bigger than in years past. The largest identifiable religious group was undoubtedly Catholic although many other groups were present. We were the only ones I saw that identified themselves as Baptists.

There were a number of women, some with whom I talked, that had had abortions and now regret it. Some of them were speakers at the rally and their testimony was moving.

I did not see any pro-abortion demonstrators. There were some present because I saw their signs in the pictures on the news.

There were a number of congressmen who spoke to the rally. They were very strong in their pro-life stand. It was encouraging to hear these men express their support for this cause. We actually met with Congressman Paul Broun from Georgia in his office. He told us there are some very encouraging bills being proposed in efforts to stop abortion in this country.

It is interesting what some will do to justify abortion. Some will say that in Numbers 5:12-28 the priest causes the woman to abort. First of all, there is nothing in this passage that talks about the woman being pregnant. It is all about her being defiled by another man.

If there was proof of the woman’s infidelity she would not be brought before the priest in this manner. She would have been put to death. The situation described in this passage is a woman suspected of having been defiled by another man.

It must be noted that it is not the water than makes her thigh to rot and her belly to swell, it is the LORD (verse 21). The LORD knows if she has been defiled and does a work in her when she drinks the water. I know that the passage calls the water “this water that causesth this curse” but it does not become bitter until it enters the woman if she is guilty (verse 24). It does not become bitter if she has not been defiled.

One thing is certain in this passage. What happened made the woman a curse and an oath among the people (verse 21). What happened here was not something to be accepted in society.

In order to use this passage to justify abortion one must come to it with prejudice. He must already believe that abortion is right and be looking for some way to justify this belief from Scripture.

On the other hand, there is ample Scripture that makes it obvious that abortion is wrong. To start with, there are many passage that ascribe personality to the child while still in the womb. In Luke 1:41, John the Baptist leaped in the womb of his mother in the presence of the Lord who was still in His mother’s womb. In verse 44 it says the he leaped with joy. If John was but a blob of flesh, and not yet a person, how could he have joy. Judges 13:5 says that Samson, as a child, would be a Nazarite from the womb. Ecclesiastes 11:5 tells us that which is in the womb and its bones are still being formed is a child. I’ll let you research the other passages.

I do want to look at Exodus 21:22-25 because it shows what is to happen when men cause a woman to loose her unborn baby. The first thing we should notice is that the woman is “with child” not with a blob of flesh and not expecting a child, but “with child.”

If men strive and hurt a woman with child so that the child is aborted two things can result. There can be no mischief that follows or there can be mischief that follows. Mischief, according to Webster’s 1828 dictionary, means to harm, hurt, injure or damage. The mischief here is any harm that happens to the child. How do we know it is not talking about hurt to the woman? Simple, the woman is hurt in this passage. It is stated as such. We must, therefor, conclude that the mischief or hurt must happen to the child.

Those who cause the harm are subject to the same harm. If the child looses its life, so does the one who causes the hurt. This is a normal penalty for murder, at least it was when God was respected by society.

I realize that this passage is not talking about a woman choosing to have an abortion. Let me ask this question; If God has someone put to death for causing a woman to loose a child by accident, is it unreasonable to think there should be not penalty when it is done deliberately?

What kind of woman would kill her unborn child? There are two kinds. The first would be a woman who has no respect for life, and is only concerned for her own self and her own pleasure. The second kind of woman who would kill her unborn child is one who has been convinced that it is nothing more than a blob of cells and that it is not human.

Do you think there might be a reason those who are pro-abortion don’t want the women to see a sonogram of the child in the womb? The sonogram shows that there is a living person in the womb. Most, sadly not all, women will chose not to have an abortion after seeing the child in their womb. The pro-abortion clinics, like Planed Parenthood (which would be better named Planed Non-Parenthood), will loose a lot of money if the women were required to see the sonograms.

Since I have mentioned Planed Parenthood, let me just say that this organization was not founded to give women a place to have legal and safe abortions. It was founded to reduce the number of black babies born and stop the increase of the black population. Do your own research and you will find this is true.

Killing a living person is called murder. Abortion kills a person. Abortion is murder and deserves the same penalty as murder. Not only is it murder, it is cold blooded murder for profit. No nation that accepts this horrendous procedure as normal and legal can expect God’s blessing.

Copyright 2017 Pierre Coovert, All rights reserved

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