About Pierre

Pierre was saved in 1958, at the age of 17. After high school, he entered the US Army, and in 10 years rose from the rank of private to captain. At that time the Lord dealt with him about leaving the Army. This is when God called him into the ministry. He has been a missionary, a pastor, and an evangelist. One thing that has been consistent from the very beginning is his love for an accurate interpretation and exposition of the Scriptures.

After leaving the mission field, he has been used to restore three failing churches in America. While pastoring Bellingham Baptist Church in Bellingham, WA, he earned his master’s degree and a doctorate in theology. 

In 2011, he left Bellingham and moved to Lenoir, NC to start Solid Foundation Ministries, which has a weekly radio broadcast on Gospel 9 Radio in Granite Falls, 900 AM.

About Solid Foundation Ministries

The mission of Solid Foundation Ministries is to restore and strengthen the foundations of the Christian faith, both individually and within the church. The purpose of this ministry is to provide biblical teaching, resources, and guidance to help believers grow in their relationship with God, understand and apply the principles of the Bible, and effectively fulfill their calling and ministry in the local church.

Solid Foundation Ministries seeks to equip and empower believers through sound biblical teaching, discipleship, and mentoring. It aims to provide practical tools and resources to help individuals and churches navigate the challenges and complexities of the modern world while remaining grounded in the truth of God’s Word.

Ultimately, the goal of Solid Foundation Ministries is to see individuals and churches firmly established on the solid foundation of the gospel, living out their faith with authenticity, passion, and effectiveness for the glory of God.