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Baptist Compromise

The World In The Church

It means something to be a Baptist. Baptists are the only group that can trace their history from the first century to the present day without any founder but Christ.

While many “Baptists” have departed from the principles that have always been held by Baptists, it is still important that we stand by the old landmarks. The Bible speaks of a falling away just before the return of Christ. Do we wish to be part of it?

Have God’s standards changed? Of course not! The standards of many modern day Christians have changed greatly. Things that Bible believing people would have never considered are now common. It is all in the name of “Christian liberty” that the old standards are put aside. Christians are no longer offended by many of the worldly ways. They see nothing wrong with occasional gambling trips to Las Vegas, or with purchasing lottery tickets, or with “social drinking”, or with going to the R-rated movies (or watching them on TV). Their spiritual sensitivity has been dulled like the “frog in the pot” I have been talking about. Satan’s subtle ways have been tolerated so long that God’s people cannot see that the water is reaching the boiling point.
Many churches have allowed the world to creep in. They are using worldly methods and worldly music to attract large crowds. The people are coming to be entertained instead of being edified in the faith. We must remember that one of the purposes of the church is to prepare Christians for the work of the ministry.

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Pierre was saved at the age of 17. Upon completion of high school he entered the Army and rose through the ranks to the rank of Captain. After leaving the army God called him to be a missionary to France, where he served for 12 years. Since leaving the Army God has used him to restore three failing churches.

He is a graduate of Baptist Bible College West in Denver, CO. He has received a Masters and a Doctorate degree in theology from Canterbury University.

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