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End Time Apostasy

Apostasy In The End Times I want to look at what I think is the main indication that we are really near the end of


A Reprobate Mind

Today I want to focus on what the Bible calls a reprobate mind. I take my text from Romans Chapter 1. And even as they


The Problem With Our Nation

The Problem With Our Nation November 4, 2012 Dr Pierre Coovert Christians are supposed to be an example to a lost world. We are to

Do We Really Believe The Bible?

Most Independent, Fundamental Baptists claim to stand on the King James Bible. My question is, do they really? If one truly stands on the KJV


Shocking Compromise

Since I moved to the Bible Belt I have been shocked to see that the churches here are less doctrinally sound than those out west.

Freedom, for Whom?

Freedom, for Whom? August 2, 2012 Dr Pierre Coovert Three hundred and eighty years has not changed Massachusetts’ attitude about freedom. Most people remember that

The Shooting In Aurora, Colorado

The Shooting In Aurora, Colorado July 23, 2012 Dr Pierre Coovert The shooting in the movie theater in Aurora, Colorado is a real tragedy and

Can God Bless America?

Can God Bless America? July 17, 2012 Dr Pierre Coovert We see a lot of signs and bumper stickers which say “God bless America.” This

Untempered Morter

Untempered Morter July 9, 2012 Dr Pierre Coovert Ezekiel 13:1-16 is a condemnation of the preachers (prophets) in Israel. It uses the phrase “untempered morter”