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How To Keep Your Mind Pure

I want to deal with how to keep our minds pure. This subject has to do with more than just keeping impure thoughts out of

False Teachers Podcast Notes

The following are the notes used to record my podcast on false teachers: False Teachers Today I want to talk about false teachers. We are

New Radio Broadcast

Some of you may wonder why I have not posted for some time. Well I have been busy writing for my son-in-law. I have been

Waldensian Trail of Faith

Waldensian Trail of Faith April 1, 2013 Dr Pierre Coovert Saturday I went on a tour of the Waldensian Trail of Faith in Valdese, NC.

A Real Hero

I copied the following from a post on FaceBook by Frank Martinez. Shifty is the type of man we owe our freedoms to and, while

Why I Haven’t Been Posting

I want to explain to my readers why I haven’t been doing much posting of late. I am working hard to get my new ministry

Do We Really Believe The Bible?

Most Independent, Fundamental Baptists claim to stand on the King James Bible. My question is, do they really? If one truly stands on the KJV

New Books

It has been a busy day today. I got my two other books up on line for sale. The first book is “The Sound of