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The Baptists

What Protestants Think About Baptists

Click on the image above to read, right click to download This book published by the Presbyterian “Geneva Divinity School” will tell you what the

The Baptists

America Needs Baptists

A Prepared People Not every people is suited for freedom. If there is not some control over the  passions of men, freedom gives license, and

The Baptists

The Cathares, Our Baptist Ancestors

The Cathares, Our Baptist Ancestors January 29, 2016 Dr Pierre Coovert Baptists are forgetting who they are and the heritage that was given us by

Waldensian Trail of Faith

Waldensian Trail of Faith April 1, 2013 Dr Pierre Coovert Saturday I went on a tour of the Waldensian Trail of Faith in Valdese, NC.

Squire Boone

Squire Boone February 19, 2013 Dr Pierre Coovert In my study of Baptist history last night I discovered an unsung Baptist preacher whose brother is

Ecumenical Baptists

Ecumenical Baptists December 24, 2012 Dr Pierre Coovert Many Baptist churches have dropped the name “Baptist” and become community churches. Many more should do the