Do We Really Believe The Bible?

Do We Really Believe The Bible?

About This Book

My purpose for writing this book is to show that many who say they believe the Bible really don’t. My basic premise is that if we believe the Bible, we believe and do what it says. The Bible says things that are rejected by many who say they believe it. This is something I have a hard time understanding.

If you find something where you think I am in error, don’t get mad at me. Have enough love and kindness to kindly contact me and give me your reasons. I assure you I will study what you have to say, and if you are right, according to the Scriptures, I will not only change what I believe, I will make the necessary corrections in this book, and in any other books I have written.

My goal is not to get any of you to agree with me, it is to get all of us, yes me too, to check out what we believe by the clear teachings of the Bible. If you agree with me you will only be as right or as wrong as I am. You need to agree with God and what He has given us in His Word.

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Do We Really Bel ...

Pierre Coovert


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