Freedom, for Whom?

Dr Pierre Coovert

Three hundred and eighty years has not changed Massachusetts’ attitude about freedom. Most people remember that the Puritans, the settlers and governors of the Massachusetts Bay Colony (now the State of Massachusetts) left the old world for religious freedom. What fewer people remember is that once they were in control they persecuted everyone who disagreed with them.

Let me just mention two of many examples of the Puritan’s attitude toward those who disagreed with them. About 1631 they forced Roger Williams to leave the colony because of his belief in believers baptism. In 1651 John Clarke, John Crandall, and Obadiah Holmes were apprehended, tried, and given exhorbitant fines for their religious practices. Someone paid John Clarke’s and John Crandall’s fines, but Obadiah Holmes, believing that he was not guilty of any crime, refused to have his fine paid. He was beaten until blood ran in his shoes. The beating was so severe he could only sleep on his knees and elbows for weeks. The officials who had Mr. Holmes beat indicated that they were disappointed that he survived the beating. They thought Baptists were worthy of death because they refused to baptize infants.

From this we see that freedom in Massachusetts was only for those of the politically correct class. The Chick-fil-A conflict shows that nothing has changed today.

Here is a copy of a letter from the Mayor of Boston to Dan Cathy:.

Notice how Mayor Menino bases his argument on the idea of protecting freedom. You will also notice that he defends freedom for same sex marriage, but not for the right to have a different opinion. In other words he is for debauchery and against freedom of speech and freedom of conscience.

There is no doubt that throughout history marriage has been between those of different genders, that is to say men married women and women married men. Were all of those who lived before our day discriminating and therefore would they be unwelcome in Boston. Even those of early Massachusetts would not have been welcome.

The Bible calls homosexuality an abomination: Leviticus 20:13 “If a man also lie with mankind, as he lieth with a woman, both of them have committed an abomination: they shall surely be put to death; their blood shall be upon them”

What amazes me is how the left always defends that which is an abomination and always condemns righteousness.If you doubt that homosexuality is an abomination and the height of debauchery just watch a “gay pride” parade. Their celebrations are often triple X rated. If I were to post pictures of one of their parades I might get shut down for pornography.

Mayor Menino says he, and his city, are proud to support this type of behavior. Is it any wonder God has removed His hand of protection on our nation.

Mayor Menino’s attitude seems to be pretty much the same as the Puritans of early Massachusetts. He thinks that those who disagree with him are worthy of banishment just as the Puritans banished Baptists and Quakers. He may, although I can’t read his mind, think those who disagree with him are also worthy of death.

As Christians we need to support Chick-fil-A with our prayers and our patronage.

Copyright 2017 Pierre Coovert, All rights reserved

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