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The seven churches of Revelation chapters two and three are thought to represent three things. First they are seven churches that actually existed at the time. Secondly they are seven types of churches that exist throughout the church age. Thirdly they are the dominant type of church at successive times throughout the church age.

If the third case is true, and I believe it is, then we can expect the majority of churches in the time just before the return of Christ to be of the Laodicean type.

It is interesting to look at the way each church is introduced. Each letter starts with the same words, “unto the angel of the church” followed by its relation to where it is located. Note how each church is addressed:

  • the church of Ephesus
  • the church in Smyrna
  • the church in Pergamos
  • the church in Thyatira
  • the church in Sardis
  • the church in Philadelphia
  • the church of the Laodiceans

You will notice that the first six are addressed by their location. The introduction of the church at Laodicea is addressed differently. It is identified by who owns it. This church no longer belongs to Christ. This is confirmed by the fact that in verse twenty He is on the outside knocking to get in.

Sadly this is the condition of most churches of our day. Even churches claiming to be Bible believing and fundamental teach the commandments of men for doctrine.

The purpose of Solid Foundation Ministries is to encourage churches and individual Christians to return to the solid foundation of the Scriptures. This goal will be accomplished by timely articles on this website, the recommendation of good materials on the subject, and preaching in churches where invited.

To learn more about this ministry see the about page.

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