Islam, A Religion Of Peace???

Dr Pierre Coovert
If you still think Islam is a religion of peace read the following excerpt from “Islamic Mob Destroys Christian Area of Lahore, ” (Christian Post, March 11, 2013)
“Muslim mobs upset over an alleged derogatory comment about the prophet of Islam burned down more than 180 Christian-owned houses and shops and at least two church buildings here on Saturday (March 9) after authorities told police to ‘let them vent their grief and anger,’ officials said. Lahore’s impoverished Joseph Colony looked like a war-ravaged town by Saturday night. There were no reports of casualties, but the site was reminiscent of the destruction in Gojra in 2009, when eight Christians were burned alive, 100 houses looted and 50 homes set ablaze after a blasphemy accusation. ‘The police let our homes burn and be vandalized … a heavy price to pay when you are a Christian in Pakistan,’ an area resident identified only as Shaukat told Morning Star News Saturday night as he walked dingy streets littered with burnt furniture and appliances, smoke billowing from small houses while firemen continued to put out blazes. ‘The entire locality was left to the mobs just because a Christian happened to get involved in a dispute with a Muslim.’ Shahid Imran, a Muslim barber in Joseph Colony in the Badami Bagh area, on Friday (March 8) accused his Christian neighbor, 26-year-old Sawan Masih, of blaspheming Muhammad. Imran alleged that Masih, who runs a small billiards business, had ‘ridiculed’ Islam’s prophet by saying that Jesus was the greatest prophet ever.”
There is a bumper sticker that I often see on the back of cars. It spells out coexist using religious symbols. The first is the crescent moon of Islam and the last is the cross of Christianity. How can the others coexist with the first (Islam) who is dedicated to wiping all of the others, especially the fourth (Judaism) and the last (Christianity), off of the face of the earth?

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