Les Cathares

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From the second century, until the beginning of the thirteenth century, there was a group of Christians who were prominent in southern France. I first came across this people when I was a missionary in the city of Carcossone, France. You will know
them by the name Albigenses or Cathari. I call them by their French name, Les Cathares.

The castle on the cover of this book is one of the many built by this people to protect themselves from the Catholic armies of France and Spain.

I had the privilege of visiting many of them, and of visiting the Center of Cathare Studies in Carcassone. From these visits I learned that they are some of our Baptist ancestors.

In this book you will learn where they came from, what they believed, and why it is important to us today. You will learn that without this people, there would be no America as we know it.

It is my hope that this book will give you a better appreciation of the contribution Baptists made to America.

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Les Cathares

Pierre Coovert


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