New Books

It has been a busy day today. I got my two other books up on line for sale. The first book is “The Sound of a Mighty Rushing Wind.” This is a book that I originally wrote in French while I was a missionary in France, is a based upon a study I did on tongues when I left the Pentecostal movement and became a Baptist. In this book I show that there is no support in Scripture for the modern tongues movement.

The second book is “Baptists and Compromise.” This book was motivated by my experience as a missionary. Every time I would return to the States for furlough I would be shocked by the increase of compromise among churches that had once been sound. It means something to be a Baptist. This book shows some major areas where we have drifted from old Baptist principles and doctrines and encourages a return to them.

I also set up a system for any who would like support our ministry. You can give a one time gift or support us monthly. Anything would be appreciated. Any new ministry takes time to get off the ground and makes it financially difficult. My blogs are only a small part of our ministry. We also preach in churches to encourage and exhort. We deal with issues like biblical evangelism, Baptist foundations, Christian families, and other issues that are important in these last days.

The sale of my books and any donations will be channeled through Solid Foundation Ministries as opposed to Awake to Righteousness to keep our accounting simpler.

At present both blogs are pretty much identical but in time I expect to change the emphasis on each blog. Solid Foundation will focus on building foundations and Awake to Righteousness will focus on retuning to righteousness.

I want thank all of you who read my blogs. I am honored that you take the time to do so.

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