New Radio Broadcast

Some of you may wonder why I have not posted for some time. Well I have been busy writing for my son-in-law. I have been writing for his blog and publishing a weekly news update for him.

I have also been preparing for a big addition to my ministry. Starting Saturday October 5th I will be on a small radio station here in North Carolina. It will be a 15 minute broadcast at 2:30 in the afternoon.

It may surprise you to know that most don’t. Most theology taught in even conservative Bible schools is taught from theology book rather than from the Scriptures.

The purpose of this broadcast is to encourage Christians to return the Scriptures as their source for what they believe and practice.

I will also be posting the broadcasts on this site after they are played on the radio.

Those who do not live in our area can listen to the broadcast at the streaming site here.

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