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Translation errors found in the NKJV and other modern translations

There is much discussion concerning the various Bible versions. For some versions it is easy to show the problems with that particular translation. For others it is more difficult. The New King James Version is one of those more difficult versions to see the problems. This by no means indicates that they don’t exist.

The first problem with the NKJV is its name. The fact that it includes King James in its name is in itself deceiving. The NKJV is considerably different from the KJV as we shall see in this booklet.

Issues we will deal with in this short work: – The importance of the subject – An indication of the motive – Is it easier to read? – Doctrinal errors in the NKJV – Those pesky thees and thous – Some concluding thoughts It is hoped that this booklet will help the readers understand the issue.

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