Spiritual Landmarks

Dr Pierre Coovert

A landmark is first of all an object used to designate boundaries. Secondly a landmark is a distinct feature of land used for navigation.

Spiritual landmarks serve these same functions. The landmarks of Scripture set boundaries for God’s creation. God’s people will try to live within those boundaries. Those who reject or remove the landmarks of Scripture will, one day, be judged by them.

Secondly the landmarks of Scripture help us navigate in this life. We look at some landmarks and they tell us where we have been. Others tell us where we are. Still other tell us where we are headed.

The word landmark is used five time in Scripture. Here is a list of the verses where it is used:

  • Deuteronomy 19:14 Thou shalt not remove thy neighbour’s landmark, which they of old time have set in thine inheritance, which thou shalt inherit in the land that the LORD thy God giveth thee to possess it.

  • Deuteronomy 27:17 Cursed be he that removeth his neighbour’s landmark. And all the people shall say, Amen.

  • Job 24:2 Some remove the landmarks; they violently take away flocks, and feed thereof.

  • Proverbs 22:28 Remove not the ancient landmark, which thy fathers have set.

  • Proverbs 23:10 Remove not the old landmark; and enter not into the fields of the fatherless:

Of course these all refer to physical landmarks. I Corinthians 10:11 says, “Now all these things happened unto them for ensamples: and they are written for our admonition, upon whom the ends of the world are come.” The physical types of the Old Testament are given to us as ensamples of spiritual truths. In ensample is that which makes an impression, leaving it mark on those who are impressed by it. An example is the impression left on a coin by the press which forms it.

The spiritual landmarks given by God in His Word for our neighbors are the truths of God lived out in our lives. If the ensample is great enough it will impress our neighbors to receive what we have. We are not to remove these landmarks by living like the world.

Some remove the landmarks by changing the doctrine of Scripture. In baptism they remove the image by sprinkling or pouring. They remove the testimony by “baptizing” babies. They remove God’s holiness by removing biblical standards from the lives of their converts. They destroy the churches of Christ by replacing the local New Testament church founded by Christ with the universal, invisible church invented by men. In so doing they take away flocks that should belong to Christ and build empires for themselves.

Our spiritual ancestors (fathers) have set landmarks for us to follow. Many of them paid with their lives to do so. We are not to remove those landmarks. If our fathers found them worth dying for, should we not also be willing to die for them?

We are not to remove the landmarks and steal the fields or the fruit of the fatherless. Those who do not have God as their father need to have the proper landmarks to guide them to the Heavenly Father. The landmarks are the precepts of God. The fruit is the fruit of their labor, good or bad. When the landmarks are visible the will learn how following the precepts of Scripture brings good fruit and how disregarding them brings evil fruit.

Spiritual landmarks are important to our lives and to bringing others to Christ. Let us return to the landmarks of Scripture and put aside the landmarks of men.

Copyright 2017 Pierre Coovert, All rights reserved

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