The Lost Distinctive

The Lost Distinctive: The Weakening of Baptist Churches

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There is a decline in holiness and in doctrinal knowledge among church members . Modern Christians are just doing “that which is right in their own eyes.”

Something must be done if we want to see God’s blessing in our churches, our families, and our nation. We don’t have a political problem or a moral problem, we have a spiritual problem. Only spiritual revival will solve it.

This has happened because our churches have exchanged the authority of God’s word for the opinions of men. Too many fear being rejected by man more than being rejected by God.

Many preachers are telling people that God exists to serve them. They make God the servant of men rather than men being the servants of God.

Our approach to evangelism has change so our methods bear no resemblance to the methods found in the New Testament. Today the emphasis is on the Love of God, in the Bible the emphasis is on God’s wrath toward unrepentant sinners.

It is my hope that you will be motivated to search the Scriptures to see where things have slipped. The only hope for our churches, our families, our nation, and the world is a return to the principles of the Scriptures.

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The Lost Distinc ...

Pierre Coovert


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