What Is The Cause of The Riots?

Dr Pierre Coovert

What is the cause of the recent unrest in the Middle East? Is it some obscure movie that almost no one has seen? No it is not!

Islam was propagated by violence from the beginning. Mohamed started his new religion in Mecca and had very few takers. He moved to Medina and found some followers by organizing them into a band of thieves and attacking merchant caravans. He grew his band of thieves into an army and returned to Mecca.

He took the city by force and made Mecca the headquarters for Islam. He destroyed all of the idols of Mecca except one, a black stone representing the moon god, Allah.

After gaining power in Mecca, Mohamed started spreading his new religion by the sword. His method was convert or die. There was another way to live, it was to pay a protection tax to Islam. The tax was paid to the Islamic leader to protect those who were in submission to them from the Islamic leaders.

Other religions don’t respond to insults the same way as Islam. There is no religion that has seen more persecution than Jews and Christians or more insults. Neither of these religions has ever responded in any way similar to what we see with Islam in the Middle East.

When we look in the Koran we see that the violence we see in Islam is not the exception, it is the rule. The only time the Koran allows living in peace with non-Muslims is when the Muslims don’t have the strength to destroy the “infidels.”

In fairness there is also one other way to live under Islam that I have already mentioned, that is when the “infidels” are in submission and pay a big tax to be protected from Islam. Many times in the past the Muslims have taken the tax and then turned on the “infidels.”

It is time we, as a nation, face the facts. The problem isn’t radical Islam, it is Islam. It is true that the average Muslim is not involved in terrorism, but it is also true that, when push comes to shove, they will side with the so-called radicals because that is the true face of Islam.

Want proof? Remember 9/11? The streets of the Islamic nations were filled with average Muslims rejoicing that the “Great Satan”, the USA had been hurt by their religion.

Most of those in the riots this past week in the Middle East are ordinary “moderate” Muslims. They are not Jihadists, or suicide bombers, or other “radicals.” They are ordinary Muslims who are worked into a frenzy by their spiritual leaders.

The terrorists are misdirection. Their purpose is to get our eyes off of the so-called moderate Muslims. They are moving into western nations and having large families. They are becoming politically influential and taking over countries from the inside.

Look at England and France. England has Islamic courts which allow Muslims to circumvent British law in many cases. France has such a high Muslim population that there is a heavy price to pay when actions are taken that offend the Muslims. There are riots by Muslims every week in France.

It is time to wake up!

Copyright 2017 Pierre Coovert, All rights reserved

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